Dating is an interesting part of a romantic relationship. This is the time when you can get to know each other, spend time together, and see how well you click. Dating does not guarantee that you will stay with each other forever. It doesn’t even mean that your relationship is going to be long-term and serious.
If you are careful, you may notice some signs that may help you see if the man wants to be with you.

1. Your man is proud to be associated with you

See how your man behaves when he introduces you to his colleagues or friends. If, by chance, you meet his friends outside and he doesn’t seem to be willing to introduce them to you, it means that he is not happy to inform others about you. The reasons for this may be different. What if he’s emotionally unavailable? Think about it.

2. Your man likes to plan actual dates

Old-fashioned traditions are still valued by women. Don’t you miss those good times when gentlemen and ladies went on real dates? Going out is another thing. Let your man plan a date and think of a romantic place, such as a theater, exhibition, restaurant, or any other venue that would demonstrate how seriously he takes you.

3. Your man wants to know what your interests and hobbies are

It’s wonderful if he asks you about your likes and dislikes. Discuss your interests and see how many things you have in common. You should be a partner if your desire is to build a strong relationship. Common interests help to do this.

4. Your man knows how to surprise you

Small treats can make big surprises. They should be pleasant and unexpected. It can be a box of your favorite cookies, maybe some fresh flowers. If he does these things for no reason, it means he wants you to be happy every single day.

5. Your man shows his emotional side

Men have emotions. They have feelings. However, not all men are ready to open up and show how emotional he can be from time to time. It is believed that men should be strong most of the time. Enjoy moments where he shows you who and what really is deep inside.

6. Your man has planned the future

Having plans for the future is important. If you already know how you will celebrate Christmas or any other event, it means that your partner sees his future with you. Your man’s future plans are a good sign and he is definitely happy that you exist in his life.

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