Has your friend changed their behavior towards you and you are worried that this will slowly ruin your friendship? Look for these clear signs that your friend is not respecting you, and if you recognize these behaviors with your friend, it would be best to end that friendship.

You must first ask yourself: what does friendship mean to you? What does a true friend mean to you? For me, she’s a person who knows me best and accepts me for who I am. She’s someone who knows all my secrets and will never betray me.

A best friend is someone who accompanies you no matter where you decide to go. He is a person who respects you, supports you and encourages you in everything you do.

In my opinion, friendship is our safe haven during difficult times. True friendship is something we can always hold onto, and it’s definitely something that makes our lives so much better.

If you want to have a successful and healthy friendship, you need to be aware that this is a two-way street. One side cannot handle and shoulder the burden of the relationship.

An essential part of a healthy relationship is mutual respect. Any kind of relationship can and will be ruined by disrespect.

Sadly, friendships have become so superficial these days. To find a true friend has become too difficult (almost impossible). So if you have a friend who respects, supports and accepts you all, you should consider yourself lucky and hold onto that person.

6 True Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

If you’re wondering if your friend respects you or not, here are some signs of disrespectful friends below, and I really hope you don’t recognize them in your friendship.

1. Your friendship is quite one-sided

Friendship is and always be a two-way street. Like in romantic relationships, you simply get as much as you put in.

If you’re in a one-sided friendship, if you’re the only one making an effort to make your friendship work, I’m sorry, but that kind of friendship is doomed to fail. Plus, it’s one of the most obvious red flags that your friend doesn’t care enough about you.

2. They envy your achievements

Unfortunately, this has become a very common scenario. There are so many people who pretend to be our friends but would actually be jealous of us all the time.

They really should never be given the title of friend because they clearly don’t deserve it. True friends are always proud of your accomplishments and rejoice in your success because, in a way, your happiness is also theirs.

3. They meddle in your love life

This should be a very clear line that you should set at the start of your friendship. Your friends have every right to advise you, but you should never allow them to interfere in other areas of your life or make decisions on your behalf.

If your friend exceeds this limit, it’s a clear sign of disrespect. Remember that a good friend will always try to help you with advice, but they’ll always let you make the final decision and accept it, even if they don’t agree with it.

4. They always put you down

If your friend has repeatedly criticized and belittled you, that’s a huge red flag that he doesn’t care enough about you. I really think we should be able to express all of our emotions to our close friends.

However, you are not someone’s punching bag to let them vent all of their negative emotions. And if you let someone behave like that, it would mean that you have no respect for yourself.

The worst part is that your friend always puts you down in front of others. Even though experts agree that a person who belittles their friends only does so because they have a negative self-image, you should try to communicate with your friend, but you just shouldn’t put up with this behavior for too long.

5. They don’t care at all about your feelings

We don’t all feel good when someone insults us or laughs at us, do we? I think we all know that. This is the reason we will never do this to our loved ones because we just don’t want to hurt them.

So if your friend puts you down or laughs at you in front of others, or you’re always up at the last minute, these are all very clear signs that he doesn’t care about you at all. You can try to warn them that your friendship is ruining because of their behavior. However, if this continues to happen, the best thing for you would be to leave that friend behind.

6. They don’t care or appreciate your opinion either.

A true friend is someone who will always need your advice on every important decision they need to make, because they value your opinion more than anyone else.

In addition, they will come to you for advice whenever they have problems in their romantic relationships. It’s just what good friends do in healthy friendships.

If your friend doesn’t care about your opinion at all, that’s a big sign of disrespect, and it’s a huge red flag that your friendship ends sooner or later.

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