Do you know why these days true friends are considered a treasure? Because it’s so hard to find one. Unfortunately, most of us are surrounded by toxic people who only pretend to be our friends for as long as they can use us.
It has become very difficult to spot these fake friends as most of them have become true friendship fake pros. I have compiled a list of signs of a fake friend to help you identify and deal with them.
Remember one thing: better to have a friend that you are sure you can always count on than to have a large social circle where you cannot say for sure if these people are your true friends.
I always say that God chooses our family members for us, but we choose our friends. This is why if you allow your friends to disrespect you, manipulate you or put you down, you are the one to blame.
These days, it’s hard to find good friends because the world is full of false friendships. This is why you should consider yourself lucky if you have someone you can always count on.
If you have a strong group of friends, keep those friendships as they are definitely one of the most precious things in your life.

5 clear signs of a fake friend

Even though it has become difficult to spot false friends these days, there are still some pretty clear red flags of false friendships that we should all be looking for. So if you want to know how to tell if you have a fake friend, keep reading below.

1. They use you for their personal gain

A bad friend will only contact you when it’s convenient for them or when they need something from you. They want to take advantage of you because of which only they hang out with you.
They don’t want to spend quality time with you or get to know you better. They will only ask to meet when they need you, and this is one of the most obvious signs of a fake friend.

2. When you need them most they’re never there

Your close friend should be someone who is always there for you – someone who will be by your side no matter what and who wants to share everything with you, the good as well as the bad times.
If you can never count on your friend because he was never there for you when you needed him most, I’m sorry, but the truth is, you are in a toxic relationship and this person has. never been your true friend.

3. They constantly point out your flaws

A good friend is someone who knows you better than anyone. He is a person who respects, accepts and embraces all of your flaws and imperfections. They are someone who accepts you for who you are and encourages you to be a better version of yourself every day.
On the other hand, a bad friend will always try to point out your flaws and make you feel bad about those not-so-perfect parts of yourself.
They know your bad sides and will try to point them out often just to hurt you. They will do it because they want to suck your trust in, and that’s something you should never allow.

4. They try to manipulate or control you

A healthy friendship is about two people trying to understand and respect each other’s choices and decisions. It is a healthy relationship where both parties have different interests and points of view and always try to be compassionate and understanding with each other.
Only a bad friend would use your sincere feelings to try and take control of your life. They will also try to make you feel guilty in order to manipulate you into doing something they want you to do.
This would lead to a co-dependent relationship, which would damage your emotional and mental health. Unfortunately, I was drawn into such a relationship and it took a while for me to realize that I am the only one in control of my life.

5. Your accomplishments make them jealous

A good friend is someone who will be proud of your accomplishments and who will always rejoice in your accomplishments. They will see your success as theirs, for friendship is truly a soul separated into two living bodies.
If you feel that your friend is jealous of your success and all of your accomplishments, I’m sorry, but you are dealing with a very bad friend, and you have to give up this friendship for your peace of mind.

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