One thing is certain: Scorpios do not have a great reputation. Even when all the clear signs that a Scorpio man loves you are right in front of you, your first instinct is to doubt his intentions.
You can never say for sure if he’s playing with your mind and heart or if he’s really inside you. You know very well that this man is irresistible to women, and the last thing you want is to fall into his trap.
If these are the dilemmas you’re struggling with, don’t worry. I promise you Scorpios aren’t as bad as you might think.
In fact, if you see the signs that a Scorpio man loves you, he’s probably already crazy for you. And, the best part is that he’s real about it; otherwise, he wouldn’t bother to put so much effort into convincing you.

How to tell if a Scorpio man loves you

1. A champion of texting games

One thing is for sure: when this guy is inside you, your phone will be the first to sense any signs of his ailments. Don’t worry: he’s not one of those shy men who have a hard time approaching women in person.
He doesn’t hide behind his keypad, he just likes texting and calling you. But believe me: you will never be bored with his texts.
He’s not one of those guys who’ll send you the typical text messages you’re used to receiving. Instead, each of his answers will knock you off your feet. Not only that: they will also leave you in awe.
The trick with a Scorpio man and texting is that he sees it as a game. For a few days he’ll blow up your phone and you’ll assume he’ll never fire.
Nonetheless, after a while, he literally does what you least expect of him. No, he doesn’t completely ghost you.
It doesn’t disappear from your life like it never was. But, he stops texting you so often.
Or, sometimes, he won’t even reduce the frequency of his texts; it will just change its tone. Suddenly he will seem less interested and less attached to you than he was before.
If you are wondering if this is the way this man plays games, the answer is quite simple: yes it is.
It’s not that he wants to hurt you or intentionally break your heart. This is just one way for a Scorpio man to check your interest.
He has driven you out enough; now it’s your turn. He wants to see if you will show the initiative or if you will let him go without a fight. After all, no guy wants to chase you indefinitely without you moving a finger.

2. If he wants you in his life, he puts you there

He spends all his free time with you and he’s never too busy to call you back.
I know you’re probably used to men who are always too busy to see you, men who cancel your dates at the last minute, and men who don’t call you out for weeks.
Fortunately, this is something you will probably never have to experience with a Scorpio male. In other words, if he is really in you.
It is the man who likes to share his interests with the object of his affection. He needs to show you his hobbies, encourage you to read his favorite books, play his favorite songs, and integrate you into his daily life.
Don’t worry, this is not his way of changing you. He doesn’t want to influence your habits or your tastes; he just wants you to get to know him on a deeper level.
Plus, he enjoys spending time with you. In fact, he would love if you could move in together then.
There is one thing you should know about this guy; he is a fixed sign, and with him it is always all or nothing. Therefore, a Scorpio man in love doesn’t question whether or not you are right for him.
He instantly feels the uncontrollable urge to be as close to you as possible. But, of course, at the same time, he doesn’t want to come across as some kind of pathetic loser who’s so crazy about you.
That’s why he must keep looking for excuses to be near you. Yes, he wants to include you, but he also just wants to hang out with you like a boy in love.

  • Friends and family

This man is quite independent, and the last thing he needs is someone else’s approval to be with you. Therefore, if he loves you, no one has the power to turn him against you.
So that’s not why he introduces you to his best friends and family so quickly. I know it might be too soon for you or it might scare you, but trust me; this is just one of the signs that a Scorpio man loves you for real.

3. He’s thirsty for skin to skin

It is one of the most sensual sun signs in the entire zodiac. If this man loves you, it is because he was physically attracted to you before anything else.
Make no mistake: I’m not here to claim that its only intention is to get into your pants. But, after all, he’s a man, and he must have seen something in you to spark his interest.
What I’m trying to say is that your looks appealed to him, but your personality kept it. Nonetheless, even though he’s now blown away by your incredible character traits, he didn’t magically go blind overnight.
This man still sees something in your eyes that turns him on. He’s still a passionate guy who considers physical contact to be quite important.
He would die to be near you, and he longs for your presence all the time. (In fact, his passion often makes people think of him as a fire sign. But, every astrologer will tell you that a Scorpio is a water sign.)
Nevertheless, he also has immense respect for your limits. Believe me when I tell you he would kiss you and rip your clothes off right now, no matter where the two of you are or if you’re not alone.
But let’s not forget that he’s a man with manners. Then he will act appropriately; mostly because he doesn’t want to insult or disrespect you.
This is exactly why he will take every opportunity to touch you; he just can’t help but be away from you.
At first, you will think it is just a coincidence. This man shows up right near you wherever you are in the same room.
He accidentally grabbed your waist the other day; he was just trying to pass. He wasn’t even aware that he was touching your arm while telling you a joke; he was just laughing too loudly.
But, over time, you start to doubt all of this. You see that there are more and more of these coincidences, and once you start paying more attention to his behavior, you see that his body really wants to be near yours.
It’s something he cannot control. In fact, you might be right; he is very likely to be completely ignorant of his behavior, especially if he is trying to hide the fact that you are his love.

4. Eye contact is more intimate than words ever will be.

We’ve already established one thing: this guy is a huge fan of non-verbal cues. It’s not that he’s not good at words, his personality is so in tune with his body that he doesn’t just speak with his mouth, but with his whole being.
It all starts with the eyes. For him, intimacy is about more than making love, and the way he looks at you will prove to you that it is true.
When a Scorpio man is in you, he will stare at you with his appearance and he will keep looking at you with every chance he gets.
Sometimes you will feel under an x-ray. You will feel that this man is scanning you and you will be right.
But make sure he’s not just watching you like any other man would. Yes, there is no doubt that he is excited by what he sees.
However, the look of a Scorpio is much more than that. This man is looking at you because he is trying to find out what is behind your mask.
He’s a mind reader, and whenever he uses prolonged eye contact he’s trying to get to the bottom of you and get to know you on a deeper level. He knows that the eyes are windows to the soul and he tries to dig into yours.
It doesn’t matter what you say to him or even how you behave in front of him. If you like this man and if you are not immune from his attempt to convince you, he will simply know it. You have nothing to say; your eyes will speak for you.
Besides, even this eye contact is kind of a game for him. Who will be the first to look away? Who will be the most stubborn? Who will win?

5. His strength is measured by the way he protects the woman he loves

Most men act the same way when it comes to the woman they love. Some of them won’t admit it, but each of them has the same need: to protect the girl they have feelings for.
Scorpio guys are no different. In fact, he’s the man who thinks his strength is measured by how well he protects you.
He simply sees it as his duty. He wants you to be safe at all times and he believes your well-being is his responsibility.
You don’t have to be officially a couple to make them feel that way. You don’t have to ask him to support you, but he will.
Keep in mind that he is not like that towards everyone. I’m not saying he’s a bad man, but he wouldn’t choose a fight to defend a stranger either.
A Scorpio is only protective when it comes to the people they care about. I’m talking about his best friends and family here.
And now you. Without a doubt, it just means one thing: once you join this elite club you have entered its heart and no one can kick you out of there. So, you better consider yourself lucky because you are so privileged.
This man doesn’t let many people in. When you enter his circle, he considers you very special.
He is literally ready to sacrifice his own happiness and comfort for you. Believe me when I tell you there is absolutely nothing this man wouldn’t do for you.
Don’t take this attitude as an insult. This is not his way of telling you that you are unable to take care of yourself.
Instead, take it as a compliment because it truly is the greatest honor you can get from this man.

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