Has a Sagittarius man caught your eye? Well, you’ll have to wait a while before he finally has the strength to confess his feelings to you.

Don’t worry because I am here for you. To help you understand his clues, I’ve compiled a list of the most obvious signs that a Sagittarius man loves you.

You really should arm yourself with patience and understanding because you are dealing with a very inconstant man here. You will never be able to predict what his next move will be.

He gets bored very easily and too quickly with almost everything. It won’t be easy to tame him, and it sure won’t be easy to build a lasting relationship with your Sagittarius man, but, in the end, you’ll find it was worth it.

I’ll also tell you everything a Sagittarius man expects from the woman he’s dating. You should definitely get to know your man through his horoscope.

5 clear signs that a Sagittarius man loves you more than a friend

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Sagittarius man loves you, here are some sure-fire signs that will put an end to any dilemmas you’re having and help you understand if your Sagittarius really cares about you.

1. He opens the way to your heart through close friendship

Sags believes that any successful and lasting relationship is founded on friendship. This is why they will try to convince you first as a close friend, then as a romantic partner.

They will also try to build trust through your friendship, as it is difficult for them to start a relationship with someone they do not fully trust.

It’s a well-known fact that Sagittarius men have confidence issues. It will be quite difficult to gain the trust of your Sagittarius, especially if they have had bad experiences in the past.

• This is one way he wants to bond emotionally with you

Besides the fact that they want to build trust with you by spending time with you as friends, this is also their way of getting to know you on a deeper level and making a stronger and deeper emotional connection. .

Don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius man starts digging deeper and ask you very private questions about your personal life. He needs to know every part of you and your life before he can make things official with you.

2. He accepts you for who you are

Sagittarius men will never ask their partners for a change. They don’t file toxic ultimatums, and they just never make such demands on their other half.

If a Sagittarius man loves you, he will want you to keep your authenticity and who you are. He will accept every part of you, and he won’t run away when you show him your flaws and imperfections.

 It will only guide you to be better in every way possible

Even after you start a relationship, he’ll never want to control you. It will actually motivate you to always, no matter what, stay true to yourself and control your own life.

It will support you and continue to walk right next to you no matter how many peaks and valleys you run on this path.

Like I said before, he will never want to control or change you, but he will encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

3. He can’t stop smiling when he’s near you

If he always has that silly smile of a loving teenager when you’re around, it’s pretty clear that he loves you.

This is the problem with Sag men. They can’t hide when they love someone. Even if he doesn’t want to confess his feelings to you, his behavior around you will definitely expose him.

• Smiling is a pure act of love

It will be quite obvious that he is very happy around you, but he will also try to make you feel happy and comfortable with him as well.

He will try very hard to make you laugh with his insanely funny jokes or his hilarious imitations of other people and things. He has this ability to keep the laughter going in just about any situation and under all circumstances.

4. He always tries to keep things exciting

If a Sagittarius is interested in you, they will always try to make your dates exciting and keep your relationship fresh. It’s just like that with Sagittarians. They will never allow the spark to leave their relationship.

You will see how fun and exciting it is to date a Sagittarius man. Of course, once you manage to gain her trust and fully capture her heart.

Sagittarius guys have a cheerful and playful side, and they’re always up for some fun. Their enthusiasm for life and their passion for adventure is contagious, you will see.

• Get ready for crazy adventures with your Sagittarius man

Whether it’s trekking, mountain biking, scuba diving, horseback riding or bungee jumping, they are always ready for thrilling adventures.

If you’re not such an adventurous person yourself, sometimes you should step out of your comfort zone and show your Sag guy that you can follow him.

Relax and just let your Sagittarius man take the lead. I am sure that wherever it takes you you will have the time of your life.

5. He is always extremely direct

Sagittarius men are known to always be straightforward and outspoken. However, if they don’t care about a person, they won’t bother to chat with them.

On the other hand, if he cares deeply about you and wants to have some kind of relationship with you, he will be honest and up front with you from the start.

Most astrologers regard their outspoken character as a negative trait. I don’t really agree with that, because any healthy relationship should be based on honest and direct communication.

However, I do agree that they could be a little more gentle and attentive to the feelings of others.

• The truth hurts, but it also heals

You should know that one of the most important traits of Sagittarius men is that they are always straightforward and straightforward. He might hurt your feelings with his frankness without realizing it.

You shouldn’t take it to heart.

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