Noticing the signs that an Aries man loves you isn’t as hard as you might think! When an Aries falls in love with you, they don’t act passively or hide their feelings.
Instead, he wants to shake things up! This zodiac sign won’t hesitate to take the first step, roll up his sleeves and win the girl he loves.
Aries men don’t just act like this in relationships, but in every other aspect of their life as well, which makes them really special. These men are bold enough to do just about anything to achieve their goals.
This fire sign (and the first sign of the zodiac) doesn’t waste its time waiting but makes sure to take life by the horns and do what needs to be done. If you are wondering if an Aries man loves you more than a friend, this is how you will know for sure!

Signs that an Aries man loves you (and falls in love with you)

1. He wants to keep you safe and also protect you

This astrological sign loves to be in control, which means that if an Aries loves someone, they will feel the need to take care of and protect them.
If someone is threatening you, laughing at you, or annoying you, they will immediately go into protective mode and do whatever they can to make you feel safe and happy again.
Aries is the most protective of all the signs of the zodiac.
If he cares about you, you’ll notice him right away. He will make sure to do all the heavy lifting for you (so that he can show his strength as well), he will help you with your chores and all other tasks.
Aries men are the greatest representatives of the following sentence: Real men protect their women; they do not abuse it. He will always have your back and motivate you to achieve your goals.

2. Prepare to Receive Many THINKING QUESTIONS

Yes, my daughter. An Aries is extremely curious by nature. If he loves you, he will want to know your deepest thoughts, your dreams, and every detail of your life.
If there’s something they value most in life, it’s asking thought-provoking questions accompanied by in-depth follow-up questions that will get you thinking. He will also ask you questions about your future plans to see if they match his.
He wants to create a deep emotional connection with you.
Because he loves you, he will want to know your secrets, your likes, your dislikes, the things that inspire you, etc. He slowly but surely creates a deep emotional connection with you asking you all of these things.
Another sure-fire sign that he’s totally inside of you is that he’s listening to you intently and absorbing your every word. You know he really loves you if he memorizes every word you said to him.
If an Aries cares about you, they will take the time to learn all about you. He will also take the time to prepare a list of the most thoughtful questions in the universe.

3. If an Aries man loves you, he will want to show you

Aries likes to show the object of his affection to others. He’s a guy who wants to introduce you to his friends, family, and other people he’s close to.
If he makes you a part of his social life, you know he has totally fallen in love with you. You can expect him to invite you over for lunch with his family or to watch a soccer game with his friends.
He will be proud of you in all aspects of his meaning, and that is why he will use every opportunity to show you off and make you feel important.
He shows his affection publicly.
An Aries is not afraid of PDAs (public displays of affection). In public, he will put his arm around you to show everyone that you are his.
He will hug you, kiss you, and start holding hands. These are obvious signs that an Aries not only loves you, but slowly but surely falls in love with you.
If that’s the case with you, then you don’t need to think too much about it, my girl.

4. ALL THE TIME he wants you by his side

When an Aries falls in love with someone, they want to spend as much time as possible with that person. If he spends a lot of time with you then you know he is head over heels in love with you!
Each date will be filled with excitement, euphoria and laughter as there will never be a shortage of fun and amazing date ideas. This is one of the surest signs that an Aries man loves you.
Aries people are hard to know who they’re spending their time with.
Since Aries is averse to wasting time, it’s hard to know who they’re spending their time with. If he spends the majority of his time with you, there is no need to question his deep affection for you.
No matter how busy he is, he will never disappoint you and never keep you waiting. He is the kind of guy who will make you his priority and he will take you on exciting adventures where you will savor every moment spent together.

5. If an Aries man wants you, he will express it with physical affection

Primarily, the majority of men express their feelings through words, but this is not the case with an Aries. If an Aries man is deeply drawn to you (both mentally and physically), he will become physically affectionate towards you.
He will take every opportunity to hold your hand, kiss your forehead, give you lots of different hugs and be sensual with you.
Aries expresses affection through touch.
He’s the kind of man who doesn’t rely on words to express his feelings. He will not only tell you that he loves you and how much you mean to him, but he will also prove it through his actions.
He won’t fall asleep until he wishes you a good night. He won’t wake up in the morning without letting you know he’s thinking of you.
As his affection for you increases, the more effort he puts into courting you and proving how different he is from other men. Pay attention to these things and you will know how much he really wants you.

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