The guidelines we provide below will be of great use to those who are already in a relationship and to people who are just creating a bond.

1. Go to bed irritated or angry

Don’t be afraid of disagreements. They also happen between loving people. Conflicts can sometimes be inevitable. The difference between happy and unhappy couples is that the former do everything possible to find a compromise and find a way out. If you feel angry, you need to talk to your partner and let him know that you are ready to fix the problem, invest your time and discuss the problem. Don’t be passive and never go to bed angry.

2. Respect and never contempt

Without mutual respect you cannot go on. Respect is what both partners need from each other. If you disrespect someone, it means the person you’re with isn’t for you. The same goes for you too. If you know your partner doesn’t show enough respect for you, it means you shouldn’t continue your relationship. Be prepared to talk about it and leave the person if the problem cannot be solved. Constantly feeling embarrassed simply because your man or woman ignores your emotions is wrong.

3. Put more effort and work

Maintaining a good relationship takes time, effort, and work. Love needs to be nurtured and how long your relationship will last depends on both partners. Be prepared to make sacrifices. Invest your time in bonding. Do what your partner needs even when you think the time isn’t right. Stay engaged with each other.

4. Remember to discuss your relationship problems

Communicate your relationship problems with each other. Be heard and understood. What you think might be important needs to be expressed. Don’t hide your worries. Be direct. If you feel you cannot be honest with your loved one, how will you continue your coexistence? Work together and try to find solutions to your problems. Find the reasons that made your relationship less happy and successful as you would like it to be.

5. Sharing favorite activities and hobbies

There is one more thing that can make your couple happy for years. We suggest you develop your favorite activities. Practice something that makes you both happy and connected. Go for long walks or join a pool or gym. Shared interests bring you closer as you have similar goals and spend more time together.

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