Breakups are always difficult, but sometimes they are our only option.
There are excruciating stages of a breakup that we all have to go through in order to cope healthily, heal, and move on after a relationship ends.
Breakups always leave sorrows behind. They can put us on a real emotional journey. A person will always be injured eventually, and unfortunately this is inevitable.
No matter how much you think about it too much or try to figure out the best way to end the relationship, a person will always end up heartbroken in the end.
In the end, there could also be regrets. A partner will always have a hard time letting go and accepting the breakup.
These are just facts and unfortunately there is not much you can do to change them. As ugly and hurtful as it is, sometimes ending a relationship is the best option we have.
However, don’t take it the wrong way if you’re facing a breakup right now. The good news is that we all heal in the end and we gather the strength to move forward.
It will take time, but you will recover and you can leave everything in the past.
After a while, you will understand that your breakup was for the best and that God took that person out of your life only because He planned someone else, someone better for you.
It will take time, but one day you will be ready for a new relationship. After going through all of these stages of a breakup and healing process, you will be ready to meet the right person – the person for you.

5 inevitable stages of a breakup

We all have different opinions on the number of stages in a breakup, but all relationship experts agree that some stages are just inevitable.
Believe me. There are no break-up stages for men or women only. We all go through the same things after our relationships end.
Plus, there aren’t any breakout stages for a dumper or dumpster because, again, we all have to go through those stages to finally be ready to move on.
Some are very painful, but all of these steps are inevitable if we are to move on.
Maybe we deal with it differently, but the bottom line is that these breaking stages are the same for each of us.
Below are some inevitable phases of a breakup, and relationship tips to help you cope more easily.

1. Break up or invent?

After breaking up with your partner, especially if this is your first time facing a breakup, you will be overwhelmed with different feelings, and it will make you so confused.
So the first step is a constant review of your decision to break up. You will be rethinking your decision to break up all the time.
You won’t know for sure which is the best decision and you will think about it over and over again, looking for the right answer.
Deep down, you know that ending your relationship would be for the best, but you’re still not quite ready to give up, and you still think you can save your relationship and make it work again.
However, the truth is, you are only lying to yourself and trying to delay the inevitable … You are just trying to delay your breakup even though you know it will have to be done sooner or later.
The sad truth is that you are only hurting yourself and your partner. You will not relieve the pain by delaying it; you will only make it worse and it will become even more difficult to deal with it.

2. The final decision

Right now you may be delaying it or trying to stop thinking about the breakup. But the truth is, you know you have to do it sooner or later.
You will have to make the final decision, even if it could hurt the person you once loved.
If you’ve stopped loving your partner, you have every right to break up with him, which would probably be the best decision. You need to understand that thinking about your feelings is not selfish.
Sometimes we have to let go of the people in our lives to make room for new and better ones, for others who will love us in the right way.
You will have to take a decision, later or sooner. This decision will hurt someone, and it is a fact. But staying in a relationship with someone you no longer love is unhealthy and unfair.
While you need to think about other people and their feelings, you need to take care of your feelings as well.
If you think a breakup is the best option for you, then do it. If you start to regret it, there is also a way back, and you should fight to win back your loved one.

3. Denial stage

Sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with and come to terms with the breakup, especially at the dump. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t accept the fact that someone you love has broken up with you.
This is where that next step begins – the denial phase. After being unable to come to terms with the breakup, you will start to deny it and behave like you are still in a relationship.
You just won’t be able to accept the fact that your relationship is over.
Maybe you don’t even love your partner the way you used to, but you just got used to it, which will be the main cause of your difficulty in leaving your relationship.
Being dumped by someone you love is always difficult; it affects our self-esteem and our mental health.
Denying the facts is probably one of our coping mechanisms. We still aren’t able to confront the truth, and it’s so much easier for us to ignore the fact that our relationship has simply ended.
Unfortunately, this makes things even more complicated and difficult for us. You have to remember that the sooner you come to terms with the breakup, the sooner you will be ready to heal and move on.

4. Emotional roller coaster

You will feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on in your life. You will constantly feel like you are not ready to accept the facts and face them.
You will experience a real emotional roller coaster. Breaking up will drain you emotionally. The fact that someone you love is no longer in your life is extremely difficult and painful.
There is a whole range of different emotions that you will feel every day. Depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, confusion, anger… These are just a few emotions that you will continually switch between.
How to deal with all these overwhelming emotions is a question? There is only one answer: give it time.
You have to take the time to think about everything. You have to deal with everything that has happened. Don’t rush your healing process.
The only fair and healthy way to deal with such a large amount of emotions is to take time, understand your emotions, and deal with them slowly. Patience must be your greatest ally in this fight.

5. Bottling up your emotions …

One of our greatest defense mechanisms is suppressing our emotions. We don’t want to show others that we are in pain, and we think that suppressing our emotions may be best for everyone.
You are not interested in talking about your ex-partner or your ex-relationship at all. You behave like everything is fine, you go out with friends, you go out, it just seems like you are enjoying life like nothing has happened.
But you are the only one who knows how you feel. Putting on that facade of fake smiles on the face won’t help you.
You will not be helped if you are not allowing your ex-partner to see how hurt you are. All this “life goes on” and similar BSs won’t help you.
Suppressing your emotions certainly won’t help you. One day, all these emotions accumulated inside you will explode right in your face. Then the real problems will arise.
Talk to yourself first. Be honest with yourself and admit that you are hurt. Admit that you are in pain. You’ve broken up with someone you love or love, and it’s perfectly normal for you to feel sad.
You don’t have to pretend everything is fine because it isn’t.
You have to talk to someone because you shouldn’t be keeping everything inside. It’s not healthy. It will affect your mental health and leave deep marks that you will not be able to get rid of for a long time.

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