Come on guys. Be honest now and admit that what we would all like to know is how to approach women in public, start a conversation, and get an affirmative response when we invite them on a date.
Sometimes that can be terrifying, especially if you’re a shy guy or if you’ve never approached a woman before because you wouldn’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.
Most men wait until they have the courage to do it, but a lot of guys don’t because we are afraid of being rejected or we just think it would be so humiliating to get a negative response.
It’s so wrong. Maybe you’ve missed out on many great chances for real love because of this fear. In fact, this fear prevents you from finding true love and true happiness in life.
The purpose of life is to find someone to share it with; to find someone worth living … to find a companion on this crazy and unpredictable journey we call life.
I also believe that soul mates always find each other and that God finds a way to cross their paths, but still, you have to get down to it.
To be honest, the reason I’m writing this is because I was so terrified of approaching women before.
But, with these very simple steps, I have found a way to overcome approach anxiety and overcome that fear of rejection which has been a huge deal breaker for me.

How to approach women.

1. Believe in yourself.

So how do you approach a girl in real life and at least get her number or make her date you? You need to take this very first step.
You have to do it with confidence. You must know your worth and believe in yourself that you can seduce and conquer this beautiful woman that you have loved for so long.
You have to work on your self-esteem. If you are a shy guy or have great self-doubt, you should practice in front of a mirror.
Just try to imagine that the person in the mirror is the woman you love and that you just approached. It’s a great way to practice your body language and prepare yourself to approach the girl you like.
Another thing that will go a long way in helping you gain confidence is to look good and take care of your physical appearance.
Take care of yourself in all possible ways like physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. The point is, our body image directly influences our self-esteem. In other words, in order to feel your best, you have to look your best.

2. Look for THE signals.

When approaching and attracting women, before making the move, you must first observe the situation and look for signals on the other side.
A woman always knows what she wants, and if she wants you, she will let you know. It will not give you any contradictory signals; she will be clear and direct about what she wants.
However, these signals can often be very small and imperceptible, especially if the woman is shy.
For example, if you are in a cafe and she looks at you frequently, but every time you start looking at her, she looks away very quickly.
Or, for example, she runs her hands through her hair or arches her back every time you look at her … you don’t need anything more because these are clear signals that she is in you and that she is wants you to approach her.
BUT, that doesn’t mean you have to approach him immediately. You have to wait for the right time and you have to be fully prepared for this step.

3. Flirt with your body language first.

Just as she’ll be sending you signals that she’s inside you using her body language, so should you.
It’s called flirting with your body language, and if you do it right, it will definitely help you win the girl you like.
Now you are probably wondering how to attract women using my body language? Well, it’s called the art of glamor and seduction and it’s pretty straightforward, actually.
First of all, you have to listen to your mind and your body and find a way to control both. The second one is to pay attention to your body posture.
It must be like, “Hi, I’m here to win your heart and I won’t leave until I succeed.” So, tuck your stomach in, keep your shoulders back, stand up straight and smile in her direction.
This will most certainly make you visible.

4. Make deep eye contact.

It’s also part of your body language flirtation. After good posture, eye contact is the second most important thing in attracting women.
You need to make eye contact with the girl you want to approach. Try to capture the moment when she is looking in your direction and look her straight in the eye.
You need to maintain this eye contact for at least three seconds in order to show her that you love her and know if she is interested in you too.
I know most men have struggled to take this step, but you need to get over this eye contact anxiety because by making a true visual connection and opening your body to the woman you love, you will show her that you are are in it. and you want to make the movement and approach it
If you get positive feedback from the other side, if she maintains eye contact for several seconds or smiles at you, this is her way of telling you it’s okay for you to approach them and how they would like you to do that. because they are interested in you too.

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