Even though each Libran knows his way with the ladies, he will rarely confess his true feelings to you directly. Instead, you need to be extra careful and look for the hidden signs that a Libra man loves you.

But don’t worry: once you get your hands on it, you’ll see that it’s not as mysterious as it looks. He’d rather just show his love than talk about it. After all, isn’t that what all women want?

Here’s a list of easy to miss signs that a Libra man loves you for real, along with a detailed description of a Libra man in love – just what you need to get to the bottom of his personality and make him fall in love. with you even harder.

Good signs that a Libra man loves you

1. Giving up when the going gets tough is not an option

One thing a Libra isn’t is a let go. If this man is in you, he will not give up to make you his.

Don’t worry: he isn’t some kind of stalker or maniac that will forcefully urge you to be with him. In fact, he won’t even manipulate you into thinking he’s better than he actually is.

It’s just that this guy won’t give up on you on the first obstacle that gets in his way. You can play hard to get as much as you want, but that won’t drive it away. Instead, he’ll see through your intentions, and he’ll try even more to prove to you that he deserves a chance.

Of course, this is by no means an invitation to train him. It’s one thing to pretend to be unreachable for a while, but playing it for a jerk is something completely different.

You know how most guys are. They move on to the next victim if they don’t get what they want in a split second from you.

They won’t go to much effort to win your heart when there are plenty of other girls out there who will fall under their spell without them having to do their best.

Quality over quantity

Well, that’s one of the things Libras do differently. If he’s in love with you, he won’t waste his energy on other girls.

He doesn’t care to brag about the number of girls he’s managed to cheat on because he’s not a kid who values quantity over quality.

When he has feelings for you, you are his only goal. In fact, he’ll be loyal to you even if you’re not officially in a romantic relationship.

How rare is this, especially for a man these days? I think he deserves a medal for that kind of behavior because he’s so unique.

2. He becomes the best version of himself

It’s not that a Libra man pretends to be something, it’s not just to get under your skin. He doesn’t lie or cheat on you into considering him better than any other man you’ve dated.

The point is, he is indeed striving to become better than everyone else. To be exact, he’s not competing with your ex-boyfriends or any other guy around you.

From the past, the only person a Libra competes with is himself and that’s exactly what inspires him to become the best possible version of himself.

See, a Libra deals with a lot of hidden insecurities (but not all of us)? At the same time, he thinks about you a lot – otherwise he wouldn’t be so crazy about you, would he?

This man is not only attracted to your physical appearance, but he respects you and appreciates every part of your personality.

In fact, to some extent, he even admires you. When you combine this with her self-esteem issues, you have self-doubt.

The truth he’ll never admit is that he thinks he doesn’t deserve you. He’s watching you and everything you’ve accomplished, and he wants to be the best boyfriend you can have.

You inspire him to become better and to start working on serious personal improvement. He wants to be your equal and he does everything in his power to feel he can win you over.

A strong woman needs an even stronger man

I’m not talking about money, appearance or social status here. Above all, this man admires your inner power.

He sees you as a strong woman and he knows that you would never be satisfied with being with a weak and immature man. So he works hard to put his life in order and become as mature and emotionally firm as possible.

3. He’s bold enough to tear down his masks

Just because this guy is doing his best to give you the best of himself, doesn’t mean he won’t have the courage to open up to you. In fact, one of the clear signs that a Libra man loves you is exactly that: his courage to show you his real self, including the parts he hides from the world.

Let’s not forget one thing: there are trust issues with this man. He has a hard time giving someone his trust, and if he sees you as trustworthy, that has to mean something.

It’s not that he goes under false pretenses usually. Nonetheless, he keeps his vulnerable sides to himself.

But when he falls in love that all changes. He gets enough courage and inner strength to discover all layers of his personality and be fully exposed in front of you.

This man spiritually undresses in front of the woman he cares about, and that’s something you should enjoy above all else.

You already know he grapples with some insecurities. So you can only imagine how difficult this unmasking could be for him.

He lets you see his vulnerabilities, including the very things he doesn’t like about him. He lets you dig deep inside his soul and watch the parts of him that no one else before you have ever done.

At the same time, he takes a lot of risks. He doesn’t know if you’ll like all of his features, and he doesn’t know if his demons will cast you out.

Nonetheless, he needs to know. He needs to know if you’re ready to love him at his worst and at his best.

He needs to know whether you will be able to accept his imperfections or whether you will reject him because of his faults. This is exactly why he trusts you so much – if you don’t run away, he will see it as confirmation that you are the right fit for him.

4. Commitment is an act, not a word

If you’re worried about running into a gamer going from one love interest to another, don’t worry. He’s not that kind of man. If you’re worried that he’ll leave you after stepping into your pants, don’t worry. It’s not his style.

In fact, believe me when I tell you this man will be refreshing after all this bullshit you have encountered. To change, you won’t have to wonder where you stand – isn’t that fact alone more than enough?

You don’t have to ask your best friends to dissect confusing text messages like this. You won’t have to do your best to decipher its mixed signals.

You won’t have to go out of your way to get him to label your relationship and give you the title of his girlfriend.

Why? Well, because a Libra man won’t put you in any of these positions. Instead, he’ll make his intentions so clear that you’ll never doubt it, even for a second.

The best part is, he doesn’t talk about it much. He’s not one of those guys who promise you the stars and the moon, but end up giving you a big shit.

In fact, this is the man who will not pursue his declarations of love indefinitely. Instead, he’ll start keeping his promises, including the ones he didn’t even say out loud to you, without too much ado about it.

Unlike most other men, he enjoys commitment and a serious relationship is not a burden on him. It’s not that he won’t go behind your back just because he respects you (although that’s a reason too).

He won’t because he literally doesn’t have eyes for another woman than the one he loves. He won’t because he doesn’t see the point of trying to sit on two chairs with one behind.

For him, getting involved is more than just a title. It’s about behaving in a certain way and making sure that the woman next to him knows how loyal, dedicated and loyal he is at all times, no matter what or what happens.

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