Falling in love with a Leo man, but trying to find out if he has the same interest in you before you fall head over heels in love with him? It’s a smart move. Below is a list of the most obvious signs that a Leo man loves you and which will definitely be of great help to you.

The king of the jungle, the lion is used to represent this fire sign. This is exactly why men born under this fixed sign are ambitious, persistent, confident, loyal and fiercely protective of their loved ones.

You never have to wonder where exactly you fit in in the relationship with a Leo man as they tend to be very straightforward with others. This is truly one of their most important characteristics.

Given this, it actually makes quite a bit of sense to conclude that you won’t have to wonder about his feelings for too long. The moment he addresses what he is really feeling, he will immediately address his feelings to you.

3 most obvious signs that a Leo man loves you

A Leo man will clearly reveal his feelings for you for sure. However, it will surely take some time, and if you are too excited to wait for his confession, here is a list of obvious signs that a Leo man loves you and that will help you realize how he feels about you.

1. He will show his romantic side through and through

Leo men love to be in love and that’s a fact. When a woman gets their attention, they go out of their way and do whatever they can to convince her.

They are true gentlemen and hopeless romantics. No wonder they earned the epithet of the most loving and caring male in the zodiac.

Well, it won’t be too hard to find out if your man Leo shares romantic feelings for you because if he does, he will just show it to you.

He will constantly try to shower you with love with romantic gestures.

• Don’t underestimate the little things importance

If Leo loves you, he will constantly shower you with gifts and romantic surprises. However, these are not the only signs of affection he will give you.

You should pay attention to the little, simple things because those are the things that matter the most to your man. Warm touches, sweet hugs, nice compliments, kind accomplishments …

These are all little things that your Leo man will try to express affection to a woman he loves.

2. However, you will also be introduced to his jealous side.

This fire sign is quite confident and they are never jealous of the success and achievements of others. Yet, they are not so relaxed with their romantic partner.

It won’t take long to meet his possessive side if a Leo man is interested in you and if you devote your energy to another man. They are real lions for their loved ones.

They will protect what is theirs and stay true to the one they love no matter what.

• No need to panic; it’s only this healthy jealousy that screams “I don’t want to lose you”

Still, you don’t have to immediately panic about it, because it’s not like he’s one of those possessive maniacs jealous of every man who approaches his wife.

It’s actually that normal, healthy jealousy that we all feel sometimes when we don’t want to lose the person we love. BUT, don’t even think about trying to make him jealous as it sure won’t end well.

3. It will motivate you to express your true self

Leos value people who are genuine and true to themselves. People who are never afraid to speak their own truth and express their deepest and most honest emotions.

You will never have to wonder where you are at because he has no problem expressing his genuine inner self or his thoughts and feelings.

If he loves you, he will first earn your trust and then motivate you to communicate and address your feelings in the healthiest way possible.

• Self-expression is one of the most important relationship building stones for Leos

If they want to be with someone in a serious relationship, they’ll set the limits on personal space and privacy early on.

They are always working on their personal relationship because they are aware that it sets the tone for all the other relationships in their life. This is why self-expressions are so important to them.

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