I have started using the phrase “once the apocalypse is over” so often in my texts and DMs that my phone automatically suggests it. As with any truly violent crisis, we’ve all come up against the coping mechanism of making plans for “after” – as undefined as that may be. From the bigger things that we hope will return to normal right after locking in to the little pleasures that we now look forward to more than Supernatural’s series finale (let’s face it – it’s about time), there is so much things we never really enjoyed. Here is a list of all the things that were just assorted luxuries for the garden that we assumed would always be kidding, that is, until the reality of the lockdown came to us. check something fierce …

1. Parties

Ah, that confused bunch of friends and strangers that we’ve often found excuses to avoid. If you had a birthday, anniversary, or milestone (like quitting a job you hated for good) during the lockdown, you probably regret it the most. While the Zoom Party has become a popular replacement at a discount, it’s not a fix on the real thing; and we’ll never laugh the next time we’re in a house or club full of people drinking and dancing and doing embarrassing things that make murderous anecdotes many years later.

2. Physical contact

As scary as it sounds, I don’t think we’ll ever take touching him lightly again. Whenever I see my friends on a video call, I can’t shake my hand if they are upset or hug them for a whole minute after an emo chat. Whether it’s shaking hands with a stranger or slapping a sibling, we’ve never fully understood how much we thrive on physical contact with one another. Also – unless you are locked up with your partner under very favorable circumstances – sex!

3. Supplies and delivery

Remember the days when you needed a vacuum cleaner and Amazon Prime would do it for you overnight? Or when you could just walk into a department store and buy all the potatoes your heart wanted? We’re so used to delivery services getting more accurate, better, and faster that we’re desperately not willing to wait a month for a bag of rice to reach us – or we might not get that same rice. in our local kirana store. I’ve never dreamed of having access – both to the things I need and want – and I’ll think twice before complaining about the “two-day delivery” when I get it. will recover.

4. Shopping and malls

Going aimlessly through the shelves at Zara last month for a black skirt I didn’t need in retrospect seems like a feverish dream. Malls and shopping complexes were among the first places to close when the coronavirus hit, before rubbing shoulders with other shoppers while we were shopping (often unnecessary) was a daily practice. Of course, the benefit of categorizing “essentials” is that it makes you rethink stupid spending. But also, I would like to do some stupid spending as soon as possible, please.

5. Travel

The amount of photos returning to Instagram right now is unreal, and that’s because we all realize how much we miss being able to pack our bags and take off. Whether for work or just for fun, seeing new cities and countries was always an option, now or later. How the very concept of travel will be affected is a dig mission for another day, but the next time we go on a beach vacation or a weekend getaway in the hills, it will really feel like we deserved it.
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6. Eat out

As someone who ate an average of five meals a week, I had enough ghar ka khaana to last me a lifetime. Give me back my cutlery, my ambient noise, the gentle clicking of the kitchen (ie the sound of someone cooking better than I could dream of). You can DIY any Egg Benedict you want, but home brunch will always come with a side of the set-up and dishes. I also include drinking with friends in seedy pubs and dive bars that we will now be wary of until 2030.

7. Job security

This one is a little darker, but it’s on the minds of a lot of people. For a daily salaried worker, it is much darker than we can even imagine. But even for those of us who work from home, the air has changed and everyone is suddenly terrified of how sustainable their businesses might think they are. That simple confidence of knowing that all you need for safety is to work hard and be good at your job has been replaced by the nagging thought of whether your business sees you as “essential.”

8. Alcohol

If you romanticized Prohibition because of all the Fitzgerald you read in your youth, the first-hand experience really isn’t quite as charming – especially since a lavish Gatsby party to counter it would be a nightmare. COVID. Kas and bars are on the minds of every drinker – both social and solo – and on the last day of closing you can be sure there will be a run at the liquor stores that will bring shame. at The Purge.

9. Sports

Watching and playing any sport will now be accompanied by a sigh of how “do you remember 2020?” I thought * insert sport * was dead for good? A solid scrum on the pitch, a sweating chest bump, a stadium full of flag-waving supporters; it all seems like a not-so-distant memory as we facetime and play FIFA on our Xboxes. God knows how long it will be before we (literally) get back to the pitch, but when we do, it’s going to be emotional shit, Coach Carter, I’ll tell you.

10. The gym

Like the kind of gymrat that most memes mercilessly laugh at, closing gyms hit me hard. Sure, there are home workouts, but I’ll never be indifferent to my safe place full of dumbbells and stairs. I mean, I’ll probably also use disinfectant after every round of chest presses and leg curls over the next decade, but I’ll also be so happy to see these machines that it won’t matter. .

11. Concerts and festivals

If you’re a regular at Magnetic Fields or show up anywhere in the world to see Coldplay live, you’ll probably remember that sinking feeling you felt when you realized how much such a gathering of mammoth would be a crazy risk with the coronavirus. With any concert or festival that we had planned to be “postponed indefinitely”, their awakening given the approval of world governments will be the most epic moment. Bring in the loud crowds and the jaw-dropping decibels, baby.

12. House staff

If you, like me, have had the privilege of having a cook or housekeeper who is the silent wizard who walks in and makes your life smoother, you have never been more grateful for their hard work than during the locking. We’ve all done jobs to varying degrees over the past month, but it’s certainly more than when we had help. If you can afford to give them a raise, there is no time like the future (or now) to do it.

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