Relationship stress and problems can drag the couple down. Something that’s supposed to be a source of joy in your life becomes something that gives you a headache and sometimes makes you want to run away.
When you’re involved in relationship issues and problems it can be hard to know what to do. Is it worth saving your relationship? Or is all the stress and tears just not worth it? What are the signs your relationship is in trouble?
Not every struggling relationship is doomed to fail. Sometimes it’s worth fixing your relationship problems.

Here are the 10 Signs To Know It’s Worth Fixing Your Relationship Problems:

1. You both want to work on it

This is the foundation when it comes to saving a relationship: You both want to work on your relationship problems.
If only one of you is committed to working things out, the balance is uneven and it’s unlikely to fix the problems in the relationship.
If you both genuinely want to fix the problems in your relationship, you’re already on the right track.

2. You make each other laugh

It sounds simple, but laughter is important.
How to realize if your relationship is worth saving? If you can still make each other laugh and smile, there’s still hope and life in your relationship.
Someone who makes you laugh is the one who gets you and understands the way you think. It takes a certain level of comfort to be able to laugh with your whole face and moreover together, and it’s a sign that you’re still comfortable with each other.

3. You can be honest without being mean

Fixing a broken relationship means some hard talks.
Is your relationship worth saving? If you both sit down and can be honest with each other, difficult conversations without resorting to lashing out at each other, you’ve got a good base for rebuilding.
Good communication is a skill and if you don’t have it, work on learning together.

4. You feel sick at the thought of leaving

You might think you want it to end, but how does it feel when you honestly consider walking out that door or watching them walk out, knowing it’s over?
Sometimes when your mind is filled with worries and pros and cons, it’s tough to see your true feelings buried in the chaos. Take a minute to visualize what if you break up because of your relationship problems, in vivid detail. Check-in how you feel in your gut when you think about it.
If the thought of breaking up makes you feel throwing up, perhaps you’re not ready to give up yet. Your relationship is worth saving.

5. You only think of breaking up when you’re frustrated

Sometimes, if you want to break up, it’s is just a knee jerk reaction to frustration or anger due to relationship problems. If most of the time, you enjoy being with your partner and only consider breaking up when you have a fight or they do something that irritates you, hold on.
If you only feel like you want to leave when a fight happens, the chances are that what you want is for the problem to go away.
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6. Your problems aren’t really with each other

There are times when it feels like your relationship is a huge problem and you just want it to be over, but take a moment to ask: Are your problems really with each other?
It’s easy to project stress from other problems of your life onto your partner. Maybe you feel like you never see them, but the real problem is that you’re both overworked. Maybe you’re upset that you never go anywhere together, but actually the problem is that you don’t have enough money coming in.
These problems could happen with any partner, so rather than breaking up, try working together to make things better.

7. You genuinely enjoy each other’s company

If a relationship is going through rough times, it can be hard to spend time together. But if you still wait and lookup for the time to enjoy time with your partner and problems are only flaring up intermittently, don’t throw in the towel just yet.
The times you enjoy together are the safety pins for what your relationship could be if you can sort out the issues that are causing tension between you. They’re also the tiny reminder of what you enjoy about your lover, and what about your relationship is actually worth fighting for.

8. You can still see a future together

Do you find your partner when you imagine your future? Sometimes you feel so angry and would like them to go away from you, but when you think about the future, they’re still there.
If you find yourself picturing them in your plans for trips or nights out, talking to them about household projects, or even daydreaming about your future together, ask yourself if you really want that future without them.

9. You’re still a team

Maybe things have gone a little rough, and you’re fighting more than usual, but are you still a team? Do you still pull together when it comes to budgeting, household management, child-rearing, and big life decisions?
Little things count too of course: Do you still cook dinner together, share the household work or fixing the car? If you’re still working together even on these cute little things, there’s still a connection there.
If you want to know how to fix your relationship you must ensure you are still a team who is not ready to give each other up yet.
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10. You’re still affectionate

Your words might be harsh than before and your stress levels might be on top, but do you still feel loved and cared for? Couples with buried issues and problems don’t usually hold hands, cuddle, or make small gestures like stroking the other’s hair or giving them a shoulder rub.
All it takes is a little effort and lots of love in fixing problems in a relationship. If you still feel affectionate with each other, there’s still a connection and a spark between you.
Only you can ensure if your relationship problems are worth fixing. Don’t give up without giving it some thought.

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